Veľký Slavkov
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    The village Veľký Slavkov is situated in the northwestern part of the region Spiš, on the southern slope of the High Tatras mountains. The surroundings of Veľký Slavkov were permanently inhabited since the late-stone age (eneolit). Archaeological findings (of swiderien, radiolarit pieces and micro crystals) on the hill Burich - Pingos proved that the village was situated more to the north (closer to the High Tatras) than it is today.
    The first written reference about the village is from the year 1251. At that time the local population belonged to the Turčiansky convent and as Germans they settled down at the area of today's village. Thus, Slavkov became one of the Spiš towns that have king's privileges and were united in the Spiš Sas Community. (1271). After 13 Spiš towns were given to the Polish king as a deposit. Veľký Slavkov became a part of the Province of XI. Spiš Towns that belonged to the Spiš Castle. About the year 1465 it became a property of the Zápoľský family. From the history of Veľký Slavkov we know that this village owned estates situated deep in the High Tatras mountains. One of the famous High Tatras peaks is still called Slavkovský štít (Slavkovský Peak) - 2452 m. Juraj Bucholtz mentioned a 3-days long ascent on the top of the Slavkovský Peak (in June 1664) in his notes from the year 1718.
    Nowadays Veľký Slavkov is a modern village that is an ideal starting point for hiking. It also offers boarding and lodging facilities in hotels, pensions or family houses.



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