Veľká Lomnica (Big Lomnica)
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    It is a big village situated 8 km northeast from the city Poprad, close to the High Tatras. The region was inhabited already during the late Stone Age (eneolit). In the 13-th century originally Slavonic population was supplemented by German colonists. The most common occupation was agriculture, cattle keeping, crafts, tanning and fur trade. German inhabitants left the village before the end of the World War II.
    Nowadays, most of the local people work in industrial factories of Poprad and Kežmarok or in tourist services in the High Tatras.
    Samual Augustini ad Hortis (1729 - 1792), a natural scientist, was born in the village. Also, Gregor Berzeviczy (1763 - 1822), an important, advanced thinking political economist, a successful writer and an enthusiastic propagator of the High Tatras, lived in the village. A local preacher, Juraj Buchholtz sr. (1643 - 1724), worked and died here, too. He was one of important explorers of the High Tatras alpine nature.
    In the village, there is a Roman-Catholic church built in the roman style (13-th century), later it was rebuilt in the gothic style in the 15-th century. Inside you will find interesting late-gothic altars. In the village, there is also an Evangelic church (1785), two late baroque manor-houses from the end of the 18-t century and a tomb of Gregor Berzeviczy.



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