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    The village is situated at the bottom of the High Tatras mountain ridge. The first written reference about the village is from 1280. Its original name "Corba" was given to the village probably due to its location between the High and the Low Tatras. The village arose in deep-forested area that was owned by the count Bogomír from Liptov. Later it was a property of the Szentiványi, Szmercsányi and Bánov family, all the relatives of Bogomír. Three stars on the current coat-of-arms of the village symbolize these three family clans. Majority of the local population were woodcutters, sheep or cattle shepherds, and charcoal and whitewash producers. They made cheese and fur-coats of a good quality. When a saw-mill started to operate (in 1580), it employed many local people. The same effect had a new railway from Košice to Ružomberok that was crossing the northern end of the village (1871).
    In surroundings, there had been two villages - Šoldov (remains of a Roman abbacy) and Hrachovisko, together with currently protected area "Pastierske". Miloš janoška (1884 -1936), author of the first Slovak High Tatras guide and a propagator of natural beauties of the Liptov region, lived in the village as a teacher.
    In the village you will find a Roman-Catholic church of St. Ondrej built in the Classicistic style in 1848 (on the foundations of a church from the 13-th century), and an Evangelic church from the year 1784, having a new tower from 1928.
    Nowadays, Štrba is a distinctive village, where traditional wooden architecture was replaced by modern family houses, pensions, and new built public buildings (a town-hall, a post office etc.). Recently, a lot of people found job in tourist and recreational services instead of being farmers.

NOTE: A settlements Štrbské pleso (Štrbské Mountain-lake) and Tatranská Štrba are a parts of the village Štrba.




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