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    Poprad is an administrative, economic, and cultural centre of the region located south of the High Tatra Mountains. It is situated in the southwest part of the Poprad Basin, with the Poprad River flowing through the town.
    Four formerly independent towns became the suburbs of Poprad during the more recent times. These are Spišská Sobota and Veľká, since 1945; Stráže pod Tatrami, since 1960 and Matejovce since 1977. Within the town limits, you can also find the Kvetnica Spa.
    The region has been inhabited since the early primeval ages. Poprad arose in the first half of the 13th century as a significant crossroad of trade routes. It was one of the less important Spiš Sas Assosiation members. Copper was mined in this area from the 16th until the 18th century. The town also gained the right to organize the open-air markets in the 18th century. The majority of the population was farmers and simple craftsmen. In 1692, paper-producing company was founded in Poprad, and is known as the oldest company in the region. The important milestone in further economic development of Poprad was in 1871, when it was connected to the Košice - Bohumin railway.
    In Poprad you will find an early gothic St. Egídius church from the 13th century, with wall paintings from the 15th century. From the original building remain only the tower, the church nave and the presbyterium. Next to the church building there is the Renaissance bell tower from 1658.

Note: Present day Poprad consists of the following neighbourhoods: Kvetnica, Matejovce, Spišská Sobota, Stráže pod Tatrami and Veľká.

    Poprad - Vianočné trhy v noci



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