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    The village Batizovce is situated in the Poprad district, 2 km northwest from Svit, offering a nice view at the High Tatras mountains. It was founded by Botyz (Batiz), an ancestor of the Mariássy landlord family, on the area of a wasted forest Chetene, which was given to him as a gift from the king Belo IV.
    Local population consisted mostly of farmers, miners, colliers, producers of knee timber oil and terebinth, medicinal herbs collectors, fishers, flax weavers and ceramists. Between 1682 and 1688 an evangelic preacher and High Tatras explorer, Juraj Bucholtz (1643 - 1725), worked in the village. In the 19-th century most of the people were farmers, later more of them found jobs in hotels and sanatoriums in the High Tatras. After factories in Svit were founded in 1934, the locals started to work in industry.
    In the village, there are two manor-houses. The older one was built in the Renaissance style in the 16-th century, rebuilt in the 18-th century and at the beginning of the 20-th century. It was used as a fortress - with high walls and a ditch. The younger one was built in the Baroque style in the 1757 - from the ruins of the Benedictine monastery in Štôla. The Roman-Catholic church has a roman style core from the middle of the 13-th century. Later it was rebuilt in the Gothic, the Renaissance and finally in the Baroque style. Some Roman style fresco paintings have been found in the church. Its church bell is probably the oldest in the Spiš region. It was made in the 14-th century in Spišská Nová Ves. An Evangelic church was built in the Classicistic style, on the foundations of an originally wooden church. In 1814 a splendid altar with J. Czauczik painting were added.



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