Slavkovský štít (The Slavkovský Peak)
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    The Slavkovský Peak is popular between tourists because of its large top with a really wonderful view all around. It is situated at the end of the south-eastern crotch which joins the Východná Vysoká (Eastern High) peak. The northern slope of the Slavkovský Peak is characteristic with a large number of very steep ravines falling down to the Veľká Studená dolina (Great Cold Valley). The whole southern slope is full of scree material. The slopes of the Slavkovský Peak were favourite ones between chamois hunters. In 1664 a group of 12 members lead by Juraj Buchholtz sr. (at that time the best guide in the High Tatras) managed the first documented tourist ascent on the top through the eastern comb. A hunter that accompanied them had already known the path. Since the 19-th century it has been more usual to use the southern path from the Slavkovská dolina (Slavkovská Valley).
    The first tourist path from the tourist centre Hrebienok was built in 1881 and repaired at the beginning of the 20-th century. At that time a stone obelisk with a relief devoted to Maximilián Weisz (a tourist worker) was built at the top, but it fell apart during the World War Second.



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