Malá studená dolina (The Small Cold Valley)
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    The Small Cold Valley is 4,5 km long terraced valley with old mining tradition, often visited by tourists. Gold and copper were mined here in the 19-th century.
    Through the lower forested part falls an attractive Obrovský vodopád (Huge Waterfall), which you can admire directly from the main tourist path - magistrála (marked red). The green path enters the valley at the Zamkovského Chalet (board and lodging). Above the zone of knee-timber you will see a characteristic huge rocky terrace - Veľký a Malý svah (Big and Small Slope). After passing the Žltá stena (Yellow Wall) attractive for mountain-climbers you will get to the Téryho chata (Téryho Chalet), which is the highest chalet open the whole year in the High Tatras, built in 1899 close to the Päť spišských plies (Five Spiš Mountain-lakes). The most dominant peaks at the end of the valley are: Prostredný Hrot, Ľadový štít (Ice Peak) - the third highest in the High Tatras and the Lomnický štít (Lomnický Peak).
    Above the chalet the path continues to the Dolinka pod Sedielkom (Small-valley below Mountain-saddle), where you can decide either to cross the Priečne Mountain-saddle (yellow mark secured with chains) and enter the Veľká Studená Dolina (Great Cold Valley), or to follow the green mark and pass the Modré pleso (Blue Mountain-lake), the highest lake in the Tatras (2157 m) and through the mountain-saddle Sedielko get to the Javorová dolina (Maple Valley).

STARTING POINT: Starý Smokovec (Old Smokovec) - green and red marked tourist path, Tatranská Lesná - yellow, blue, green and red marked tourist path, tourist center Hrebienok - green and red marked tourist path.



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