Lomnický štít (Lomnický Peak)
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    The most popular and most famous peak of the High Tatras is the Lomnický Peak (2634 m). The triangular top of the peak (high above the surrounding land) is connected to three ridges.
    The north-western ridge joins the main ridge of the High Tatras passing Pyšný and Baranie Saddle. In the north-east direction it is followed by a crotch passing the Kežmarský and Malý (Small) Kežmarský Peak. The third ridge - Lomnický Ridge, passes Lomnické Saddle in the south, south-east of the Lomnický Peak.
    In past it was called "Granddad" and seemed to be the highest one. In the 18-th century malachyte and silver was mined on its northern slopes by four generations of the Fábry family in hope that they would find gold. Jakub Fábry found a path from Medené Lávky up to the top of the peak (in 1760 -1790) and the members of his family found a path from the top through the Lomnické Saddle down to the Skalnatá dolina (Rocky Valley). The southern slopes were well known among the local hunters.
    The first tourist ascent was done by the English traveller Robert Townson from Malá Studená Dolina (Small Cold Valley) in 1793. He measured almost the precise height of the Lomnický Peak (2633 m). Winter ascent was done in 1891.
    The peak has been accessible by a cable car from Tatranská Lomnica since 1940. Thus it became the most visited peak of the High Tatras. The cable car station on the top of the peak is connected to the highest situated Astronomical and Meteorological Observatory in Slovakia. At the summit, the TV transmission station was built in 1957 and electric power line was brought in from Skalnatá dolina (Rocky Valley) in 1965.



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