Kôprová dolina (The Dill Valley)
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    The Dill Valley is 12 km long branched valley with a lot of side-valleys. It is situated between the West and the High Tatras below the northern slopes of the Kriváň peak. The valley as well as the Kriváň surroundingsb, both were mining regions of gold.
    Local tourist paths will lead you to mountain-lakes, waterfalls, mountain-saddles or up to the Kôprovský štít (Dill Peak). There is an asphalt road (marked blue) in the lower part of the valley along the Kôprovský potok (Dill Creek). Close to the end of the valley you will find 80 m high Kmeťov vodopád (Kmeťov Waterfall), the highest in the High Tatras. It flows through the wild side-valley Nefcerka. From the cross-road at Hlinská you can walk (following the blue marked path) through the Hlinská Valley to the Vyšné Kôprovské sedlo (Upper Dill Mountain-saddle) and come to the Mengusovská dolina (Mengusovská Valley). From the saddle you can continue (the red mark) up to the Dill Peak(remember that you have to return the same way).
    At the end of the Dill Valley (the green mark) you can visit two side valleys. The red marked path passes the huge Vajanského vodopád (Vajanského Waterfall) that falls through 170 m high terrace of the picturesque Temnosmrečinská Valley and Nižné Temnosmrečinské pleso (Lower Dark-Spruce Mountain-lake). The lake is 120 100 m2 large (the third largest in the Slovak part of the High Tatras) and 37,8 m deep. Through the Kobylia dolina (Nag Valley) and the mountain-lake having the same name will lead you the green marked tourist path up to the mountain-saddle Závory, where you enter the Tichá dolina (Silent Valley) - the red mark. From the saddle you can walk (following the red mark) to the Hladké sedlo (Smooth Mountain-saddle) with a view at Pieciu Stawów Polskich Valley (the state border, you have to return the same way).

STARTING POINT: Podbanské (the green and yellow marked path), Tri studničky (Three Wells).



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