lake Štrbské pleso (Štrbské Mountain-Lake)
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    Štrbské Mountain-Lake (1346 m) is the most famous and the most visited lake in the High Tatras. It is called Štrbské because it is situated in the Štrba district.
    The first notice about the lake is from Dávid Frölich (1644) in Bibliotheca seu Cynosura Peregrinantium. Juraj Buchholtz senior speaks about process of destilation of limba´s and knee timber´s oils by the lake. Before tourists it was known among miners, hunters, wood-cutters and herbs. In 1860 the locals attempted to drain the lake in order to gain new pastures instead of priceless pool. Till 1901 the lake was a property of the Szentivány family. Then it was bought by the Ungarian state.
    Fishes had been regularly added into the lake since the end of the 19-th century. The ice because of its excellent quality was broadly used (it was even exported to Budapest, Berlin and Vienna).
    The oldest painting of the lake was painted by Ján Jakub Müller from Levoča in 1825. Its depth was measured seriously for the first time in 1875 by Dionýz Dezső.

Jazero Štrbské pleso
Jazero Nové Štrbské pleso
Panoráma Vysokých Tatier
Predné Solisko



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