Javorová dolina (The Maple Valley)
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    The Maple Valley is 8 km long valley, oriented to the north, with several side-valleys. It is attractive because it is close to the Belianske Tatras that surround the valley on the north-east side. On the south and the east it is surrounded by the ridge of the High Tatras with the dominant Ľadový štít (Ice Peak). On the western side, there is a crotch of Javorinská Široká.
    A green marked tourist path going along the Javorinka creek will lead you through the forested valley. When you reach the Poľana pod Muráňom (Poľana below Muráň), you can continue to the side-valley Zadné Meďodoly, which geologically is a part of the Belianske Tatras. The name reveals that the region was a mining area (copper-mining). The path continues through the valley passing attractive limestone peaks such as Havran (Raven) and Ždiarska Vidla, reaches the Kopské Mountain-saddle and the Dolina Bielych Plies (White Mountain-lakes Valley). In the saddle ends the main ridge of the High Tatras and starts the ridge of the Belianske Tatras. In the saddle ends also an educational path Ždiar - Monkova dolina (Monkova Valley) - Široké sedlo (Wide Saddle), the only path that crosses the ridge of the Belianske Tatras.
    The Maple Valley ends above the zone of forest by the Zadná Javorová Dolina (Back Maple Valley) with a lot of dominant peaks and towers. A steep slope at the Žabie Javorové Pleso (Frog Maple Mountain-lake) ends at the mountain-saddle Sedielko with a passing to the Malá Studená Dolina (Small Cold Valley).

STARTING POINT: Tatranská Javorina (green marked tourist path).



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