Gerlachovský štít (Gerlachovský Peak)
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    Gerlachovský Peak (2655 m) is the highest in the High Tatras and in Slovakia, too. It is situated in the crotch of the Back Gerlachovský Peak separated by the Gerlachovské saddle. The comb goes from the top of the peak to the Kotlovský Peak where it forks and creates characteristic Gerlachovská basin.
    Gerlachovský Peak is because of its height and breathtaking scenery one of the most visited peaks in the High Tatras. It is possible to climb there only under the leadership of a skilled mountain guide.
    It is called Gerlachovský, because it is situated on the former land of the village Gerlachov. The fact that it is really the highest peak of the High Tatras was proved by the barometric measures of Ľudovít Greiner (a gamekeeper of Jelšava) in 1838. Before that time, three of the peaks had been supposed to be the possible highest (Lomnický Peak, Ľadový Peak and Kriváň). The very first visitors were hunters and botanic scientists. It is probable that some of them also reached the top of the peak. The ones who reached the top were cartographic officers from Austria in 1868.
    The hike up to the Gerlachovský Peak through the sc. Velická and Batizovská Próba was secured by additional tools in 1880.
    ACCESS: Only under the leadership of a skilled mountain guide.



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