Dolina siedmich prameňov (The Seven Springs Valley)
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    Thanks to its rich natural beauties it is called a "botanic garden" of the High Tatras. Geologically it is a part of the Belianske Tattras. Its round slopes and rich flora only prove this fact. The name reveals that the region had old mining tradition (copper mining).
    The valley is surrounded by southern slopes of the Belianske Tatras and the massif Stežky. Tourist path from the Tatranská Kotlina (Tatranská Basin) ascends through a forested valley up to the chalet Plesnivec (board and lodging) below the Bujačí vrch (Bull´s Hill). Further, the path crosses the Predné Meďodoly valley (northern branch of the valley Kežmarské Biele Vody) and ascends to the Dolina Bielych Plies (White Mountain-lakes Valley).
    There it ends at the Veľké Biele Pleso (Big White Mountain-lake). In past there was a tourist chalet - the Kežmarská Chalet, which does not exist now. A couple of mountain-lakes are a sign that the valley is a part of the granite High Tatras (the north-eastern branch of the valley Kežmarské Biele Vody). Blue marked tourist path can lead you down through the Kežmarské Biele Vody valley to the Cesta slobody (Road of Freedom), or you can continue to the Tatranská Javorina passing the Kopské Mountain-saddle and Zadné Meďodoly. In the saddle, there ends the main ridge of the High Tatras and starts the ridge of the Belianske Tatras. In the saddle ends also the tourist path Ždiar - Monkova dolina (Monkova Valley) - Široké sedlo (Široké Mountain-saddle), as the only path crossing the ridge of the Belianske Tatras.

STARTING-POINT: Kežmarské žľaby (blue and green marked path), Tatranská Kotlina (Tatranská Basin).



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