The Chalet at the Popradské Mountain-lake
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    This is the most visited whole year open chalet in the High Tatras. It is situated in a beautiful area of the Mengusovská Valley on the northern bank of the Popradské Mountain-lake 1494 m above the sea.
    The very first small wooden chalet that rose up at the Popradské Mountain-lake was the Majláthova chalet owned by the Ungarn-Carpathian Association (1879). It burned down a year later (1880). In 1881 a stone chalet of the same size that also burned down in 1890, replaced it. The third chalet was built in 1892. Later a tourist hostel was added to the main building. These objects were in service till 1961, when a new hotel was open to public.
    After the World War Second the old building was renamed as the "Chalet of Capt. Morávka", dedicated to Štefan Morávka (1911 - 1945), a leader of a financial security guard at the Štrbské Mountain-Lake and a guerrilla leader, who was shot down by Nazis at Grúnik pod Kriváňom. Although the original building burned down later and a new one was built up, the name of the chalet remained unchanged. Nowadays it is called: "The Chalet by the Popradské Mountain-Lake".



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