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    Štôla is a small village situated 3,5 km south from the Vyšné Hágy. The first written notice about the village is from the year 1330. The base for founding a settlement here was a Benediction monastery that arose in 1314. When it burned down in 1436 and monks left, the land became the ownership of the Mariássy family from Batizovce village, who successively divided the land between their vassals.
    People grew plants, kept animals and produced simple wooden dishes and equipment. For instance, in the 18-th century they produced Limba Pine oil. A part of the population worked in the woods and since the middle 19-th century they offered services to tourists during summer season. Many guys from the Rusnáková and Rumanová-Driečni families were excellent mountain-guides.
    In the 1930´s Štôla became a quiet summer vacation spot. Dr. Jozef Vydra (1884 - 1959), Czech ethnographer, a University teacher and the author of several monographies about the Slovak folk culture, regularly visited Štôla. His house was built in 1929 in the Slovak folk architecture style.



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