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    The village Lučivná is situated in the western part of the Popradská basin. It has a view at the middle and western of the High Tatras mountains. Its elevation is about 750 m above the sea level. The original name "Leuchva" comes from the 15-th century. A large number of various monarchs (including a famous and popular king Matej Korvín) ruled over the village. Two noble families dominated in the history of the village - the Tököly and Szakmáry family. Some of them decided to be buried in a park at the manor-house. Their remains are stored in a crypt. Nowadays there are the renaissance park and the manor-house from the 17-th century.
    The village has two churches. The roman-gothic one from the year 1814 was devoted to St. Martin and the Evangelic one is from the year 1815. Inside close to the altar is a picture of P. M. Bohúň from the year 1872.
    A count, Danáth Várady-Szakmáry, decided to built a wooden hotel and to change 260 000m2 of forest into a park in 1866 - 1872. Thus he prepared the land for founding a spa. Patients visiting the spa used water-healing procedures and enjoyed mild mountain climate (elevation of about 815 m).
    Lopušná dolina (Lopušná Valley) is also part of the Lučivná district. It is very famous of its recreational and sport facilities specialized on (mostly) winter and summer sports. The fact that it is very close to a forest offers facilities for small as well as long walks in the precious local nature (flora and fauna).



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