Tichá dolina (The Silent Valley)
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    The Silent Valley is a huge 17 km long valley situated in the Západné Tatry (West Tatras). In the west it is surrounded by the ridge of the Liptovské Tatras, in the east by the Liptovské Kopy. In the north and north-west it is surrounded by the state border with Poland that crosses an attractive limestone ridge of the Červené vrchy (Red Hills). The most dominant peaks are Kresanica and Malolučniak.
    The valley does not have a typical alpine character. You will find here neither craggy brims nor mountain-lakes. In its lower part you can follow the yellow mark going along the Tichý potok (Silent Creek) through a forested valley (asphalt road), then take the red mark through the Bočná Tomanová Valley and you will see a waterfall and a couple of small mountain-lakes. Then you will get to the Tomanovo Saddle at the state border. Close to the end of the Silent Valley you will cross a yellow marked path ending at the Suché sedlo (Dry Mountain-saddle), situated on the Polish side of the border right below the top of the Kasprov Peak. The Ľaliové sedlo (Lily Mountain-saddle) makes the western border of the main ridge of the High Tatras mountains.
    The Zadná Tichá dolina (Back Silent Valley) starts at the end of the asphalt road. The red marked path will lead you through this valley to the mountain-saddle Závory, then to the Hladké sedlo (Smooth Saddle), where you will have a beautiful view at the Pieciu Stawów Polskich Valley (the state border, you have to return the same way). A green marked path can take you from the mountain-saddle Závory down to the Kôprová dolina (Dill Valley).

STARTING POINT: Podbanské (yellow marked tourist path).



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