The chalet at the Green Mountain-Lake
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    This chalet (1551 m) is situated in the Green Mountain-Lake Valley on the eastern bank of the mountain-lake.
    The valley is attractive for tourists, bikers, mountain-climbers and skiers because of very suitable terrain conditions for these sports.
    The first tourist visitors of the Green Mountain-Lake could sleep only outside or in chalets in Rakúska Poľana and Predné Meďodoly. The first small cottage, Egidova Chalet, arose in Rakúska Poľana in 1876. In 1887 it was moved to the southern bank of the mountain-lake where it burned down in 1890. In 1897 a new one, The Fridrich`s Cottage, was built on the northern bank. The current design it gained after it was renovated in 1924 and after the both World Wars. After 1950 the chalet had name of Albert Brnčal (1919 - 1950), the professor of physical education and at the same time a member of Tatra`s Mount-climbers Committee (IAMES), who tragically died under Jastrabie Saddle in Malá Zmrzlá Dolina (the Small Frozen Valley) as a climbing instructor. Nowadays the chalet is called the Chalet at the Green Mountain-Lake.



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